Fundraising: a non-technical guide

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Fundraising: a non-technical guide

Andrea T. Orlando
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Are you a wannabe/first time startup founder who wants to fundraise?

Then this free guide is made FOR YOU.

This short guide comes from my experience as founder and my 20+ start-ups investments both as angel investor and Fund GP.

In this short non-technical vademecum, you will read about how to be mentally prepared for fundraising.

I talk about:

  1. Being Transparent

  2. Being Respectful       

  3. Team    

  4. Having skin in the game and respecting your Cap table

...and more.

Dive in and let me share my experience with you. It's totally free!

This comprehensive and non-technical guide is just a click away. You can download it for free and start being serious about your fundraising. I'm giving away this guide for free because I want founders like you to be successful entrepreneurs

I want this!

9 tips for being mentally prepared to fundraise

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